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  • Lictin Washable Potty Training Pants – 6PCS Reusable Cloth Nappies Adjustable Pocket Nappy Diaper, 6PCS Bamboo Nappy…

    One Size Fits All: suitable for most babies 3.6kg-16.3kg, you can adjust cloth nappies to your desired size (S,M,L) by snapping onto different rows of buttons on the nappy. Easily adjust the size (both the waist and depth) to prevent leaking
    Lictin baby training diapers do not completely absorb a pee, it is baby training pants which can’t be like a diaper as normal to keep dry. Since diapers have a layer of TPU, urine cannot flow immediately and the mother can avoid soiling baby furniture and pants as long as the diapers are changed over time
    Unique Design: stylish colorful fruit style and cute pattern, simple and comfortable.Clear patterns and colorful colors can catch the baby’s attention. To be like adult underwear, let your baby learn to use the toilet by himself