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  • Modern Gourmet Foods, Scorching Red Chilli Devil Head Hot Sauce, 740 mL

    UNIQUE GIFT – What better way to show you are thinking of someone than with a beautiful and thoughtful hot sauce gift! Inclosed in this scorching devil head is 740 mL of delicious, fiery chipotle hot sauce! Our high-quality products are sure to lavish someone special or yourself! This hot sauce gift is perfect for any holiday, birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day gift, Father’s Day, wedding, housewarming, graduation, retirement, thank you, or to congratulate.
    DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT – We’re just kidding, don’t drop this delicious bottle of fiery hot sauce. Instead, try dropping some in your next meal to kick it up a notch! The searing chipotle is sure to please and challenge even the most seasoned hot sauce lover!
    SPICY SURPRISE – Who doesn’t enjoy a little extra spice in their life? From friends and coworkers to Mom, Dad, and the rest of the family, this hot sauces will delight any spice hound in your life! Let that special person know you were thinking of them, with a unique gift that will spice up their day. This hot sauce is a perfect blend of heat and taste, and is sure to hit the spot!