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  • Quail’s Eggs, Fresh, 3 x 18 Eggs

    These ‘treat-size’ eggs are lovely to look at and delicious hard-boiled.
    Use them for canapes cut in half and served with Salmon eggs or creme fraiche and Caviar
    Try poaching them and serving them with truffled hollondaise and serving them as mini eggs benedict…

  • Wagyu Ribeye Steak, BMS 4-5, from Frozen, 400g

    These massive wagyu steaks have been cut specially for a handful of our customers who love our wagyu so much that they wanted some thicker steaks.
    Our Kobe-style wagyu beef comes from Chile and really is without doubt, one of the best and more highly prized meat in the world.
    These steaks are rich in flavour due to the high marble content. A 400g steak will happily feed two people.